Panda3d through history

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Heh. Its not only the engine that makes a game engine a success.

Of course, its the biggest part - sooo thanks to you! :slight_smile:

Still, without a community that actually uses the engine, finds/sorts out bugs and all in all attract devs is also needed. Together with people helping when problems with the engine do happen.

So also thanks to all the active Forum folks too. :mrgreen:

By the way: Is there any particular reason for this thread? A birthday or something?

/me wonders

Regards, Bigfoot29

reason for thread:

Still… this review should be something for a birthday - maybe it can be integrated into the website then? :smiley:

Btw: Are there any official birthday date(s)?

Regards, Bigfoot29

Please do not post private IRC conversations! Have some freaking common sense!

hmmm… shall I remove the whole thread then?

I didn’t expect this to be a problem, through. :blush:

Regards, Bigfoot29

i understand that private conversations are not to be posted on the forums.

On the other hand it would be great to have some page which gives some “background” informations about panda3d.

for example:
i am currently working on my final bachelor project, as im using panda3d was once looking for some background informations. Like date it was started (history), who is working on it etc. It would be nice as reference and could also to attract more ppl to panda3d. (i mean which free 3d engine has 1 or more payd developers working on it)

btw: thanks to everyone working on panda3d, keep up your good work.