Panda3D Slows wxPython

Hi Guys,

I got wxPython working with Panada. But now my wxPython systems are very slow.

I used:
taskMgr.add(handleWxEvents, ‘handleWxEvents’, priority=0)

def handleWxEvents(task):
while wx_app.Pending():
return Task.cont

Is there a way to fix this? Doesn’t matter to me if the Panda display is slowed.


More specifcally when I update wx.listctrls. Can only do one item per second. :frowning:

wxPython and Panda3D both have a main loop, and both want to own it. If you use Panda’s wx integration, it uses Panda’s main loop, which means that Panda has priority and wx is a slave to Panda’s whims. If you want wx to have the upper hand, don’t call run() but instead use the wx main loop and call Panda’s taskMgr.step() in a wx task/timer/whatever it’s called.

More explanation: