Panda3D running on the Nokia N900


Thanks to rdb for the assistance while I was fighting the maemo SDK and panda build system to get this to run!

The hardware specs for this phone are quite similar to the iphone 3gs (ARM Cortex-A8 with a PowerVR SGX 530 GPU). Currently it is rendering in the OpenGL ES 1.1 spec so a lot of the fixed function is being emulated in the driver via shaders. 30fps might not seem much but with the GL ES 2.0 backend and some GLSL shader lovin’ I bet this could get a lot higher!

I plan to share the final result once I polish up a few things here and there (like try and get audio to work) among other things!

nice one!
keep up the good work :slight_smile:

looking forward to see the tutorial.
would love to see panda3d work on series60
also, would you mind resizing the pic to maybe half?


I’m in the market for a new phone and I’ve been eying the N900 for its programmability. This thread is making me want it even more.

I’ve uploaded instructions on what I did to compile it, as well as my Config.pp and Config.prc files and ode + openal-soft for convenience. …

radu: Sorry, buy a bigger screen? :slight_smile: shot

Hey, thanks for the files MistaED. We’ve got everything running on our N900s, but only have about 4fps for a very simple triangle. Are there any tweaks you did to get it up to 30fps?

Hmm, I guess make sure it’s not rendering in software mode but rather GL ES if you used my config file because I got roughly 4fps as well with software mode. Another issue is I think by default the N900 doesn’t have the GL ES 1.1 backwards compatible library installed so you’ll need to get that too.

When you’re first configuring dtool make sure it did detect GLES 1 and GLES 2 as on mine it didn’t find GLES 1 and I had to manually specify the right name of the lib, but my config should have helped here.

Also put it in fullscreen mode for extra framerate. Good luck!