Panda3d over ssh


I am using panda3d for research in computer science. For this I need to render models on a server/remote computer. I connect to the remote computer over network using ssh -X. Panda3d runs on the remote computer without problems or warnings, but whenever I render something I get an empty rendering. Not only my programs do not render anything, also pview shows an empty image.

Both systems run Ubuntu 14.04 64bit, nVidia GTX 980 graphics with latest nVidia drivers.

Any ideas if this “remote rendering” is supported or how to get it working?


I did this using the software renderer in the past, that worked, try:

pview -P p3tinydisplay

Yes, that did the thing. Thanks!

I feel the need to point out that tinydisplay is a software renderer with very limited functionality.

To get hardware accelerated rendering, the driver needs to be able to pipe OpenGL commands over SSH, which would require indirect rendering. Maybe google “GLX over SSH” if you’re interested in pursuing this.