Panda3d on Python 64bit?

I don’t know if in some oldest post someone has already raised this question, but recently i found some python module compiled with two separated version (32 and 64 bit) and after the installation of 64bit version of Python i have noticed that the python version shipped with Panda3d is recognized as 32bit.
Thus my question is:
What’s happens if i run Panda3d with 64bit version of python?
It works well?

thanks to all

It works well on my 64 bit arch linux system. No idea about windows or mac

You need to use a 64-bit version of Panda3D to use a 64-bit version of Python. Fortunately, we now offer 64-bits Windows builds at the buildbot download page (which come with a 64-bits installation of Python 2.7).

so, for now only the development builds are 64bit version?

Correct. Assuming you’re talking about Windows, that is. We’ve had 64-bit Linux builds for ages.

Yes ,i’m talking of Windows version, sorry for my forghetfullness.
However thanks for your answer rdb, always the best. :smiley: