Panda3D on Diaspora

After asking on #panda3d, three of us panda users found each other on the “social web” (they don’t call themselves a social network) Diaspora. Is there anyone else out there interested? Maybe we can gather some users and panda’fy it. :slight_smile:

The ones that are already there:

See you there!

Sure, I’m up. I’ve been signed up for it since I first heard about it, but all I know is I’m still on a waiting list somewhere for something. I don’t have to sign up again, do I?

No, that waiting list you signed up for was for the official Diaspora server. There are plenty of other Diaspora servers to choose from - I use, but you can see a full list at

EDIT: Quick clarification - you will have to sign up for one of the other Diaspora servers (called “pods”) if you don’t want to wait for the official Diaspora server to open.