Panda3D not opening egg file


I am a bit stuck and I hope someone can help.

I have downloaded a 3ds max model from the net. I have then added the “egg” exporter and it works fine and I can see it on the PandaViewer when I export from the 3DS Max. Then I try to use the “show panda”/“hello world” example of the Manual to show my model instead. I have substitute with the name of the egg file I have created but it is not opening. It throws a error message - IOError: Could not load model file(s): [‘MyProjects/3dm-female2’].

Below is the copy of the code:

Load My Model

    self.pandaActor = Actor ("MyProjects/3dm-female2")

Any clues what I am doind wrong?


Sorry but just for the record I don’t have the loop trying to run the “walk” which is not specified in the code.

And also I have tried with a “stick man” model that I have created myself and used the skin modifier to “attach” the bones to it but it still doesn’t work… I made sure I exported 2 egg files, 1 with only the model and another 1 with the model + bones.
The code used in this case is:

Load My Model

    self.pandaActor = Actor ("MyProjects/stickmanmodel",
                             {"walk": "MyProjects/stickmanmodelandbones"})
    self.pandaActor.setScale(0.055, 0.055, 0.055)        

Any help will be really really appreciated!!

this usualy can have three different reasons.

  1. your file doesnt exist
  2. the path to the file is wrong.
  3. the file is , for some reason, not readable (not enough rights to read it)

Hi Thomas,

Just managed to fix it… I didn’t know panda3d/python is case sensitive so in my code I had all in lower case but my file’s name is a mixture of upper and lower case!! doh!!

Just one more question, how can I expose the “bones” that I have skinned to my model for future transformation? And actually, what is the command to apply transformation to the bones?


i’m not a max user. for exporting bones you may want to read your exporters manual. you should be able to find all those information on the manual

Sorry, I didn’t explain well… I have exported my model with bones and it is OK (at least it didn’t throw any error!!)… I was wondering if I can see the bones/joints in panda3D to be able to move it or apply transformation to animate my model!!


if you want to control individual bones have a look at the “looking and gripping” sample which comes with your panda installation.

Cool. Thanks!!