Panda3D - New Logo / Webdesign

This is some small draft I did in the last hours … what do you think about it?

Full resolution:


Second draft of the webpage:

Forum draft:

Modem UI… I love it :smiley:


Good work! I like the direction this is going in; it’s modern and not unnecessarily complex. I’m open to considering a rebranding of the site if we can settle on a layout that everyone likes and if someone is willing to do the effort to retheme the site (including the wiki and forums).

The box as logo is an interesting take on the “3D” concept; we used to use the 3D glasses to embed the “3D” aspect of Panda3D into the logo. This works too, but I’m not entirely sure if the image on the box is now not too hard to make out (especially when scaled down). Perhaps we can simplify or enlarge the image on the box a bit.

Could the boxes for “latest forum posts” maybe have a green background, or otherwise light grey or so? They currently feel like they are cut-outs of the black bar showing the white page below it, which feels weird.

I’m also curious to see your take on the forum page; it’s been difficult for us to theme the forums in a way that everyone likes it.


I would do that … currently I’m making all the drafts in photoshop, but I can transfer it to html/css etc.

I’ll try to simplify it even more… I’m not sure how to do that, but I’ll think about …

Of course, I’ll make some more drafts including your suggestions when I’m at home …

Already working on that … :slight_smile:

Thanks for your critics!

Well, the logo won’t need the glasses any more, for one. The whole point of the red-green glasses is to give away the idea that it’s a “3D” panda - the fact that the glasses are now black defeats that purpose, and the fact that it’s on a 3D cube makes them unnecessary altogether.

Actually, a friend just brought up an interesting idea with me; what if it is a panda paw print instead of a panda’s head? That’d be more recognisable on that scale while still being related to pandas. We don’t necessarily need a panda head to be the logo; I don’t think there’s any requirement for a project’s mascot to also be on the logo.

Not a bad idea, but do you have something in vector-graphics-style you are thinking of?

Btw, I’m not sure if we can use it … Jack Wolfskin has a similar logo …

I’ll also create a draft without the glasses … maybe thats better

This is the idea I was thinking of: (based on a rough retrace of this picture):

Although I don’t really like that particular paw, particularly the distance between fingers is very small compared to the distance to the base of the palm. Maybe we could find one of a younger panda or take some artistic license.

The one you linked isn’t really the paw of a Panda. Jack Wolfskin does not use a panda paw but a wolf paw.

Anyway, it’s just an idea, we don’t necessarily need to go with it.

PS. It should probably say “Game Engine”. The fact that Panda3D is not just a “Graphics Engine” is what puts it apart from many of the other open-source engines out there.

Looks pretty good! I like the feel of it - although its a bit of a branding change :slight_smile:

Some comments:

  1. Welcome prompts IMHO are a bit of a waste of one of the most important places to grab a users attention. A better positioning statement would be good.

  2. Less is more - the text on the homepage is a bit of a wall of text. Feel free to ignore those two comments though, as I see you’ve just copied the content currently there :slight_smile:

  3. Padding and margins could be maybe more consistant - are you using a framework like for layout? (Which’ll allow for nicely calculated column widths, which’ll make theming easier)

  4. Visually, theres multiple heading levels competing for attention, a nicer heirachy would be good.

I think I should start with the logo first … then I can fit the website to the logo …

So here are some logo drafts:

(I personally really like this one, even if there’s no panda inside :stuck_out_tongue:)

And with a bit more panda:

Second draft of the webpage:


Yeah you’re right … maybe the text should be changed but that’s just a draft now … :slight_smile:

I didn’t use a framework, but because it will be ported to html/css later, the paddings and margins will get adjusted there.

Same thing here, when the website is in html, there will be h1 / h2 / h3 to make a clear hierarchy.

How do you like it?

What about treeforms panda?

I’d look good on the geen cube, no?

Not only is it too detailed to go on such a small cube, it also derives from a work that we don’t own:

Any progress on this?

I can’t wait for that!