Panda3d manual in chm or pdf?

Hi all,
Is there a chm of pdf file of Panda3d Manual?

Thanks in advance

yes, download it here (for 1.4.0): …
though its not most recent. the online manual is a wiki and that download link is just a snapshot that is generated once every release.

there isn’t any packed manual for this release. I guess it’s simply because Josh Yellon made some damage to the files, so I assume he’ll wait until it’s fixed or so, I don’t know.

pro-rsoft, that’s the API, right ?

No, I just forgot. I’ll do it when I release 1.4.1, which should be pretty soon.

Thanks a lot!

Oh, Josh, plz fix the online API reference. It appears to be still at 1.3.0, which doesn’t include things like PNMPainter.

Is there by chance an updated version of this for 1.5.0 ?

EDIT: Never mind, I found it. :wink: …

Here everyone can download the all-time-up-to-date Manual (html and chm) and Reference (html), both for python and c++:

Search for the newest directories starting with dev_doc

This is the recommended interface for the documentation builds:

Click the links all the way at the bottom titled “Docs (html)” or “Docs (chm)”.

It’s actually been a while since I saw PDF documentation that addresses updates from 1.7.0 above.
I may be mistaken, if so, where can I find that?

There is a more recent PDF version of the manual here:

I intend to set up a process to generate these automatically. You can also generate them yourself by building the panda3d-docs repository:

Thanks a lot!
Really love this community…