Panda3D Manual: Controlling the Camera code issue

I’m running through the tutorial and I’ve copied paced this, so its exact:

angleRadians = angleDegrees * (pi / 180.0)

But when I run code their seams to be an issue with the above line. My command prompt says:

angleRadians = angleDegree * (pi / 180.0)
NameError: global name ‘pi’ is not defined
:task(error): Exception occurred in PytonTask Spin CameraTask Traceback (most recent calllast):

So whats wrong?

apparently there is nothing named pi.

You can do:
from math import pi


pi= 3.14159265

Edit: upon further inspection, the first line of the code in the tutorial is:
from math import pi, sin, cos
perhaps you failed to copy this line?

OHHHHH I did forget to do that. Ahh and I work in accounting lol. Hey does anyone here have the Unreal engine to play with too?

You can download it…

i forgot to add two lines the math one and another.