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which logo 1 or 2?

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Option 1:

Option 2:

Tough call. I like the basic idea. I also like the 3D glasses, they lend character – but I am more attracted to the clean simplicity of option 1.


I know drwr wanted to make it not totally professional looking (as in keep a sort of casual kick to it), but I still think those blasted stereoscopic lenses look ridiculous on the logo. I voted for the original, clean one. (And by the looks of this poll, I’m not alone.)

How about using the logo as icons for the Panda3D apps in the SDK?

How about just 3d glasses, and no blue eyes?

OOOO I like that option

Well, that would probably look less cluttered than the current one, which would be a step up, but I think I’d personally still vote for the original one without those lenses.

That would be like this then:

OK, if that is the case, then–well, I did say it would probably be less cluttered, but that looks too funky (and not in a positive way either).

I’m with the minority

I like the simplicity of the first one, but the concept of the second one. I think the second one might look better if the glasses were sitting a little lower - as in covering more of the eyes.

I think you guys are all thinking about it too hard. 3-D glasses on a panda are always going to look weird, no matter where you put them on the panda’s face. I think the weirdness is part of the charm. :slight_smile:


Im not sure if the “weirdness” works- it’s like your trying to cross corporate logo with cartoonlike.

I think you should go one way or the other: either go for the fun friendly look or go for the professional corporate. The glasses do not resemble what is popular today, but rather the old ones when I was a kid in the seventies. I personally think the characters “3D” under the blue panda would look better than the glasses.

Just my opinion

JB Skaggs

Nowadays 3D glasses have not much to do with 3D graphics anymore. It’s a relict of the yearly fake 3D age.

Not that it matters much in this context, but I disagree. Until shutter glasses come down in price to roughly free, 3-D anaglyph glasses will continue to be useful and used:

But whether they are in use or not, they are immediately recognizable as 3-D glasses. It is the same reason that an icon of a movie camera is often drawn with two reels on top, even though the movie cameras in use haven’t had those reels since the 1930’s.


IMHO, I am drawn to the color the 3D glasses give. I enjoy playing games with a brighter, colorful art style. While the plain icon looks cleaner it just doesn’t feel… I can’t think of a fitting adjective for it. I like having them there, but as it is right now it feels almost tacked on.