Panda3D Libraries

I’m trying to understand by what signs I should compare the names of the libraries to the header files in order to determine the need for them during compilation. For example, the textbook says that you need to connect the following:


However, I would like to understand the principles, for example in python this is obvious by the name of the folder from which the module is imported.

This is determined by the build system. Read the makepanda code to find out what comes from what exactly.

libp3dtool is built from dtool/src/dtoolbase and dtool/src/dtoolutil
libp3dtoolconfig is built from dtool/src/prc
libpandaexpress is built from panda/src/express and panda/src/downloader
libp3direct is built from all the C++ code in direct
libp3framework is built from panda/src/framework
libpanda is built from all the other code in panda that isn’t part of some other plug-in already.

Thank you, I asked because I will use the console when compiling. Now I got it.

I put together a panda with this line:

makepanda\makepanda --nothing --threads=4 --optimize=3 --use-gl --use-bullet --use-png --use-openal --windows-sdk=10 --msvc-version=14.1

However, libp3framework.dll is not in the bin folder.
Which of these plugins is needed?

–use-python --no-python (enable/disable use of PYTHON)
–use-direct --no-direct (enable/disable use of DIRECT)
–use-gl --no-gl (enable/disable use of GL)
–use-gles --no-gles (enable/disable use of GLES)
–use-gles2 --no-gles2 (enable/disable use of GLES2)
–use-dx9 --no-dx9 (enable/disable use of DX9)
–use-tinydisplay --no-tinydisplay (enable/disable use of TINYDISPLAY)
–use-nvidiacg --no-nvidiacg (enable/disable use of NVIDIACG)
–use-egl --no-egl (enable/disable use of EGL)
–use-eigen --no-eigen (enable/disable use of EIGEN)
–use-openal --no-openal (enable/disable use of OPENAL)
–use-fmodex --no-fmodex (enable/disable use of FMODEX)
–use-vorbis --no-vorbis (enable/disable use of VORBIS)
–use-ffmpeg --no-ffmpeg (enable/disable use of FFMPEG)
–use-swscale --no-swscale (enable/disable use of SWSCALE)
–use-swresample --no-swresample (enable/disable use of SWRESAMPLE)
–use-ode --no-ode (enable/disable use of ODE)
–use-physx --no-physx (enable/disable use of PHYSX)
–use-bullet --no-bullet (enable/disable use of BULLET)
–use-pandaphysics --no-pandaphysics (enable/disable use of PANDAPHYSICS)
–use-speedtree --no-speedtree (enable/disable use of SPEEDTREE)
–use-zlib --no-zlib (enable/disable use of ZLIB)
–use-png --no-png (enable/disable use of PNG)
–use-jpeg --no-jpeg (enable/disable use of JPEG)
–use-tiff --no-tiff (enable/disable use of TIFF)
–use-squish --no-squish (enable/disable use of SQUISH)
–use-freetype --no-freetype (enable/disable use of FREETYPE)
–use-maya6 --no-maya6 (enable/disable use of MAYA6)
–use-maya65 --no-maya65 (enable/disable use of MAYA65)
–use-maya7 --no-maya7 (enable/disable use of MAYA7)
–use-maya8 --no-maya8 (enable/disable use of MAYA8)
–use-maya85 --no-maya85 (enable/disable use of MAYA85)
–use-maya2008 --no-maya2008 (enable/disable use of MAYA2008)
–use-maya2009 --no-maya2009 (enable/disable use of MAYA2009)
–use-maya2010 --no-maya2010 (enable/disable use of MAYA2010)
–use-maya2011 --no-maya2011 (enable/disable use of MAYA2011)
–use-maya2012 --no-maya2012 (enable/disable use of MAYA2012)
–use-maya2013 --no-maya2013 (enable/disable use of MAYA2013)
–use-maya20135 --no-maya20135 (enable/disable use of MAYA20135)
–use-maya2014 --no-maya2014 (enable/disable use of MAYA2014)
–use-maya2015 --no-maya2015 (enable/disable use of MAYA2015)
–use-max6 --no-max6 (enable/disable use of MAX6)
–use-max7 --no-max7 (enable/disable use of MAX7)
–use-max8 --no-max8 (enable/disable use of MAX8)
–use-max9 --no-max9 (enable/disable use of MAX9)
–use-max2009 --no-max2009 (enable/disable use of MAX2009)
–use-max2010 --no-max2010 (enable/disable use of MAX2010)
–use-max2011 --no-max2011 (enable/disable use of MAX2011)
–use-max2012 --no-max2012 (enable/disable use of MAX2012)
–use-max2013 --no-max2013 (enable/disable use of MAX2013)
–use-max2014 --no-max2014 (enable/disable use of MAX2014)
–use-fcollada --no-fcollada (enable/disable use of FCOLLADA)
–use-vrpn --no-vrpn (enable/disable use of VRPN)
–use-openssl --no-openssl (enable/disable use of OPENSSL)
–use-fftw --no-fftw (enable/disable use of FFTW)
–use-artoolkit --no-artoolkit (enable/disable use of ARTOOLKIT)
–use-opencv --no-opencv (enable/disable use of OPENCV)
–use-directcam --no-directcam (enable/disable use of DIRECTCAM)
–use-vision --no-vision (enable/disable use of VISION)
–use-gtk2 --no-gtk2 (enable/disable use of GTK2)
–use-npapi --no-npapi (enable/disable use of NPAPI)
–use-mfc --no-mfc (enable/disable use of MFC)
–use-wx --no-wx (enable/disable use of WX)
–use-fltk --no-fltk (enable/disable use of FLTK)
–use-rocket --no-rocket (enable/disable use of ROCKET)
–use-carbon --no-carbon (enable/disable use of CARBON)
–use-cocoa --no-cocoa (enable/disable use of COCOA)
–use-x11 --no-x11 (enable/disable use of X11)
–use-xf86dga --no-xf86dga (enable/disable use of XF86DGA)
–use-xrandr --no-xrandr (enable/disable use of XRANDR)
–use-xcursor --no-xcursor (enable/disable use of XCURSOR)
–use-pandatool --no-pandatool (enable/disable use of PANDATOOL)
–use-pview --no-pview (enable/disable use of PVIEW)
–use-deploytools --no-deploytools (enable/disable use of DEPLOYTOOLS)
–use-skel --no-skel (enable/disable use of SKEL)
–use-pandafx --no-pandafx (enable/disable use of PANDAFX)
–use-pandaparticlesystem --no-pandaparticlesystem (enable/disable use of PA

Did the build succeed? libp3framework should always be built.

This post is the result of my carelessness. I collected the panda
with compiler version 14.1 and took the sides of the library from github version 14. Accordingly, the assembly ended with an error, I did not notice this.