Panda3D level Editor

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1 How does one go about creating game levels?
What are my options?
2. Is there a different way to run python scripts other than using the command line?

Thanks, Any Help or Solutions will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. The most common option is to create the scenes in your modeling program, eg. Blender. You can tag models or empty objects in your modelling program so that your code can treat them differently or place things in those locations.

  2. You can create a batch file or shell script to run your Python file for you.

Regarding question two: Are you asking after a means of running your code during development, or when deployed to users? If the former, you can also get an IDE such as Stani’s Python Editor, which should allow you to run your code via a button-press. If the latter, then take a look at the manual’s sections on “distributing Panda3D applications” (which sections most apply to you may depend on how you intend on distributing your project).

Thanks guys I really appreciate the Help.

So is that the only Level editing option.

It all depends what is your level.
It could be a 2d image, a text file, a 3d model, a serialized python object, a key-value table, or any combination of these.

It is very likely that doing all of it in your modeling software will be hard or you will need to process the data exported.

If you want a editor that can:
-paint uneven terrain (heightmap)
-paint textures on the terrain
-pain grass patches on the terrain
-paint and generate a nav mesh
-generate a collision mesh
-put objects on the terrain
-put actors on the terrain
-write tags on the objects
-write and read all of the above to common files (png, egg, json, csv)
then you can try my editor, the shaders for now are a bit bugged, but the data exported is 100% valid:

Thanks I appreciate the Help.