Panda3d homepage design flaws

It seems problematic to me that direct links to the Github homepage, Discord and Reddit as well as API reference, FAQ and Video Tutorials pages are placed on the very bottom of the homepage rather than top. I usually pay little attention to the bottom dark section of the homepage and assume it is for boring stuff like Contact information, copyright notice and maybe who made the site.

I assume this was likely done to not have too many clickable text links on one top bar. I can provide an alternative solution for this, though.

Most important to me is Github. If you want to attract new devs I think it’s important to have it on top.
You can either have an icon or clickable text or have a subpage for the Community that itself leads to the forum, IRC or github like so:

Same for the learning sources. You can have a subpage leading to the Manual, API reference, FAQ and Video Tutorials (admittedly the latter two are pretty outdated, but speaking generally they should all be together) called “Learn” ( , ) or “Documentation” rather than just “Manual” leading only to the Manual.
You should also have icons or clickable texts on the top of every subpage of Manual, API Reference, FAQ and Video Tutorials so people can swap between them quickly, or go to the “Learn” homepage where these pages can be accessed from again.

I would put the crowd funding icon or “Donate” button next to the download button, like so , ,


I’m tagging @JoeyZio; hopefully he has time to consider these issues. I agree we need to present GitHub more prominently, and it would be nice to find a place for this page or a link to our campaign as well.

As for the manual and reference, we’re in the process of consolidating them in the form of a new Sphinx-based documentation. It’ll look vaguely like this, though we need to organise it better and sort out the conversion issues. It’s happening a bit slowly, though, as we do also have other priorities. But the API reference, FAQ and Video Tutorials will all be part of the manual and will be easily accessible via the manual navigation.