Panda3D history

I’m doing a bit of research on this subject for my project documentation, and I arrived to the common place for that ( ), so … is wikipedia correct?

I feel that it maybe not totally accurate. If all that it’s true and I did not misunderstood, then panda3D exists from at least 1994 (magic carpet deployment at epcot).

And by the way, do you know where can I have a look at alternate sources about panda3d history?

dunno HOW far the cvs version dates back but you might be able to get a few numbers from there

We cut over to CVS (from an internal ClearCase repository) in 2000, so the CVS history goes back no farther than that.

The Wikipedia history seems accurate enough, at a glance. Whether the particular graphics engine that powered Aladdin’s Magic Carpet ride could be considered an early version of Panda3D is subject to philosophical debate. We did not call it Panda at the time; our graphics engine acquired the name “Panda3D” sometime in 1998, at the same time we began a major ground-up rewrite of most of the codebase.

Still, whether 1998 marks the birth of Panda or merely a turning point in its history, it’s certainly true that the VR Studio’s history and expertise in 3-D graphics engines stretches back to well before 1994.


Thanks for the info, I would have never thought that Panda has so many years of 3D development behind.

Edit: oops, would have never thought?, never would have thought?, would never have thought? :cry: