Panda3d has potential. I'm right?

Hello. Is it possible to build AAA game with Panda3d? I have been looking for stable game engine which can withstand biggest MMORPG FPS. As i understand, this engine can’t handle my idea from the start, but is it possible to build it that way that engine will achieve any of my goals? For example, to add capacity of 60 players on one server (create multiple servers), develop modern graphics like modern engines have, and to give him a very good looking animations so it will look like modern FPS and MMORPG. Sorry for stupid question, i’m new. I understand, that it may take few years to develop extension to this engine, but depends on what you will say. Is it worth doing it? Does your engine has big potential?

Panda3d could be built to support that stuff it would take a lot of work but it could be done. Panda3d also has a lot of potential too due to how flexible and stable it is (I believe Panda3d has been around since the mid 90s correct me if I’m wrong).

If it’s worth it or not depends are your goals. If you just want to make the game your describing I’d argue that Unreal would be a much better fit. As not only is it built for the type of game your describing but you also get access to things like MetaHumans and Quixel which make creating AAA assets much much easier.

Now on the other hand if you want to experiment with rendering tech and building your own tools or you aren’t happy with how mainstream engines force you to do game logic in certain ways Panda3d would be a perfect fit.

Panda is a wonderful 3d engine, thanks to python support, you can easily start, but whether you can finish depends on your requests. The main part of the panda side is implemented in C++ and is generally well done. As for python, for example ShowBase and DirectGUI, it’s terrible. But thanks to a forum with a long history, you can easily find a lot of posts that will help you implement something of your own or fix any bugs.

As for professional use for AAA projects, there are a lot of flaws in the design of the engine, for example, it rejects objects for your camera itself, and there is little you can do about it. For example, you have implemented an Octree and want to take over the culling process, but the panda will not know anything about it. And this kind of problems you may encounter in the future.

I’ve been using it for about 2 months now and I’m very impressed. I can’t believe it’s not more popular than it is… There’s no better high-level scripting language than Python. I’d say the only drawback is looking at posts from 2006 when I get stuck :slight_smile: