Panda3D, FMOD, and commercial games.

By planning to use Panda3D for the use of developing a game for commercial purposes it’s a necessity to check all licenses associated with it. I’ve read that Panda3D uses FMOD. By checking their site I noticed that you cannot use FMOD for commercial purposes unless you pay them essentially. Now for Panda3D in general it is OK as Panda3D is free, however, any application that is built for sale that uses Panda3D should be in violation of FMOD’s license correct? If this is true what other APIs could be used to handle sound and at the same time be compatible with Panda3D.

Thank you.

Does anyone know if panda uses fmod3 or fmod ex? The license costs double for ex


Also, for other audio APIs I have heard good things about OpenAL. I dont know its compatibility with panda, but I would like to see it considered for future versions.

right now, it uses fmod, but plans are slowly moving to allow fmodex as well. The tricky part with a completely free sound library is finding one that can do mixing too. If someone has had experience with one with mixing support, let me know :slight_smile:

edit-> well, looks like openal does allow for mixing. I’ll look into this