Panda3d - Eclipse Problem

I’m working with Eclipse and Panda3d. Everything is working fine except for one problem. Eclipse automatically runs my project while I am coding. Anyone know why this is happening, and how I can stop this? Thanks

Oh. I think I found the problem. The project’s Build Automatically was enabled. I fixed it.

False alarm. That didn’t fix it. It ran automatically again. I still need help.

On the off-chance, are you perhaps accidentally or inadvertently hitting the IDE’s shortcut for the “run” command? (Whatever that may be in Eclipse.)

From what I can see, the shortcut keys for running or debugging uses the F9 or F11 or a combination of Alt+Shift+‘key’, and I haven’t been using any of those. I use my on-screen keyboard, so there is no chance of ever accidentally touching any of the F1-12 keys.

Well, the problem seem to have corrected itself. It has been quiet for the past 8 hours.