Panda3D download speed is too slow

when I downloaded Panda3D, I found that the downloading speed was slow, about 5KB/s.
Is this a problem or configuration of the Panda3D web server?
By the way, the visiting speed of Panda3D was slow also.

Just as a note I’m getting 1500KB/s download speed for the SDK.

Perhaps it’s something on your end, instead?


We have had occasional reports of bad download speeds from, and then it seems to clear up mysteriously. Any additional information you can provide to help shed some light on the problem will be appreciated.


I came form China, and since others had good network speed, so I think the problem was from my side.
The slow speed includes web visiting and file downloading.
By the way, now the visiting speed was some faster, and downloading speed was up to 10Kb/s. I did not know why.

/me smells some firewalls.

If you are on Windows you can run a command like

pathping -q 10

and this might show that the problem is happening at some specific internet router along the way.
Nothing you can do about that, but it will help you find out if it is or somewhere between you and panda.