Panda3D Development on OS X Issues

Hey guys, I’m having issues developing in Panda3D on OS X. I can do it fine in windows, but when I started to use mac I am getting errors. After installing 1.8.1 I believe I was getting errors like no module direct.showbase etc like panda3d wasn’t installed. After installing 1.9.0 compiled by rdb ( or something like that), I no longer get the module errors but I get errors saying “Segmentation fault: 11”. It starts the game (though the window never opens) then gets an error
“DirectStart: Starting the game.
Segmentation fault: 11”

I was wondering if any of you could help me, it would mean a lot. Thanks

EDIT: Fixed it by using “ppython” rather than “python”, I’m pretty sure it’s because Panda3D uses an older version of python than I have installed (2.5 rather than 2.7 I think)