Panda3D Crash on exit

I start learning tutorials and I am on begining. I set up my VS 2017 as described in tutorial, build first code from this it show me grey window. When I close it, program crash:


I use C++, Windows 7 64bit Home Edition, VS 2017 CE, Panda3D 1.9.4 32bit build as release Mode.
What I didn’t change is WindowsSDK to 7.1 (I use Windows10SDK)
and I must use this to build Panda

Have you tried using an official build? I’m not sure if VS 2017 and/or the Windows 10 SDK are supported for building 1.9. Maybe try building from the master branch?

I am using Panda3D SDK for Developers (Latest stable: 1.9.4)
inside documentation is written that Panda3D should run on VS 2017, maybe I something overlooked?

Btw. after I follow tutorial where I load scene and add rotating camera around, Panda3D sometimes exit correctly (without error).

EDIT: Maybe I try latest release Panda3D, how it is stable?

I should have started with this question: are you building a C++ project or a Python one? When you were describing your C++ environment, I thought is was for building Panda, and not your project.

The latest release of Panda3D is pretty stable. It may actually be more stable than 1.9.4 at this point since @rdb has been fixing a lot of bugs.

It is C++ project. Maybe it is not clear from my post (written under picture, I provide info about that), I apologize for that.

Ok I try build master.

And I discover that there are pre-builds or latest builds of SDK. This is good because I don’t have much time for build it myself (if I want use eigen)
But I have question, which file I should download? I don’t know what all those files means
I am downloading this

The -x64 one is for 64-bit systems. You probably want that one. The other one is for 32-bit systems, but 32-bit systems are very rare nowadays.

If you want to debug Panda3D in Visual Studio, you will also want to extract the .pdb files into the matching directories of Panda3D.

As @rdb already mentioned, you probably want the 64bit version. Also, re-reading your original post, I do see that you clearly state that you use C++. Sorry for the confusion!

Sorry for confusion, but I wanted know what are other files?
for example

Btw. when I change version to 1.10.0 pre release SDK, crash is gone.

The *.whl files are Python Wheels. These are packages that can be installed by Python’s package manager (pip).