Panda3D Book (Tutorial)

Hey everyone,

I have found that, at least for me, getting started with Panda3D isn’t the easiest thing, I come from a thick background of game modding and Site scripting (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript). I love this program and I want to, eventually, know the inner workings of it.

My theory is this; the best way for a community to grow quickly is make getting started the easiest part. So what I want to give to the community is a fully in-depth, detailed proccess of building your first game.

The idea is not mine originally, I was reading this post and a message from jbskaggs (about half way down the page) listed a good way to go about such a project. His first intention, I do believe, was to make a “book” to sell and earn some money for the community, I don’t plan on taking it that far but who knows.

A project as big as this is difficult for one person to accomplish, so I plan on making contributing to this ‘tutorial’ as easy as possible. Unfortunately I don’t know the best place to start since I myself have never created a full game or been a part of a team making a game.

  1. What is (if any) the ‘best’ way to start a game? (after the concept is taken care of) I’m not sure if there’s an industry standard, or just a common sense approach, but is it more efficient to say, for example, model the world first? Or start on some actors? In this case, making a small RPG world, does it matter?

  2. Is anyone willing to allow a noob such as myself ‘pick your brain’ from time to time? I have the questions and a way to put the answers in a neat, readable form, but the time consuming bit is finding the answers. I try to hold back from each and every question because I want to not appear so annoying lol, but in this manor it’s not one person asking the questions, it’s for the purpose of documenting my journey in the learning process so future new-comers have a solid foundation.

  3. I’ve noticed this program get’s taught at a college, would you mind sharing a bit of the course outline? It would be extremely helpful to know the stages in which you teach the program. (If this is asking too much I understand, sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue: )

  4. Not a question, but any ideas or suggestions are welcomed, please let me know if this is something you believe would help the community, or if you feel it’s a waste of time please let me know now

As a final statement; I don’t have a goal set for a finished tutorial, I want it to be every growing, think of it like an opensource RPG with detailed documentiation on how to build your own exact replica, over time things will be added and with that the tutorial/book will grow with the game, leaning toward more advanced concepts in Panda3D.

I have a lot of spare time right now and believe this is a good way for me to learn the program and at the same time give back to the community.

Thanks for reading!

One more though: It would also be useful for anyone to post about specific things you personally had trouble learning when you were new

hm quite a number of ideas you have. to answer the more general questions first:

1: there is no particular “best” way. but if you start with a game… start SMALL. that means. really small. so small you think it’s idiotic to even start. meaning. if you want to make an rpg later on. start as small as loading a character,loading a ground plane, doing colliions walking around.once you got this. do the next small step.

  1. this forum exist to help people who get stuck with their stuff. if the manual, apiref and the samples and the forumsearch cant help you, feel free to ask :slight_smile:


if you feel like creating a tutorial-class documented opensource RPG with panda. go ahead and start with it. maybe others will join in. but you shouldn’t bet on others doing that for you :wink:

the idea of “how to make your own RPG” is nice. sounds a bit like an extreme upgrae of the walking panda from the manual, where you also learn step by step. how about expanding it? making the panda listen on certain keys, adding some GravityWalker stuff (see API) etc.

if you start maybe some ppl will follow, but as ThomasEgi said already, don’t count on others executing your ideas.

My 3 days in panda world:

day1: install panda3d, and then as instructed, learn the basics of python
day2: run panda walking tutorial + wonder what to do next
day3: wonder what to do next :wink:

My suggestion to a tutorial would be a) make a ball (actor?) in Blend (I assume) b) Make a floor in Blend (I assume) c) Make the ball bounce from the floor. (I assume collision / contact is not THAT difficult to use).