Panda3D - Blender mesh colour

Hi guys!
I’m new to panda3D and only just learning, but I’ve come across a problem with exporting models from blender 2.49.

When I export them and load with either my python code or pview, the models never have any colour to them. I have attached the files in a zip containing the files I’m using.

As you can see, the sphere in sphere.blend should be red, but when exported it is white…

Is this a problem with the exporter or the way I’ve made it/loaded it from code.

Thanks, Matt.

BTW, heres the file :wink:

There isn’t a default light when importing panda3d.
You have to create a light and make it affect nodes to see the material colour.
In pview, a light can be enabled by pressing the L key, and then the P key for per pixel lightning.
To create a light:
If you have the colour as colormap (texture), it will work without lights as well.
Thats not a bug, its just how materials work

Ah, ok, thanks for the reply :smiley:

No problem.
Note that you can have vertex colours if you don’t want to use lightning and textures.
Blender-> Mode-> Vertex Paint

EDIT: Hm, there seems to be a problem with vertex colours and per pixel lightning… or is it a normal behaviour?

I don’t know of any such problems. Note that, if you have a material that specifies a color, it will override the vertex color when you enable lighting.


No, without any material:

Maybe thats how it should be, I don’t know

First I’ve heard of something weird going on there.

I’m probaby painting it wrong then.

Not necessarily; you may be the first to discover a bug. But it bears investigation. Can you create a very simple model that demonstrates the problem, and post it?