Panda3D: avaiable developer resources?

Hi everybody,

I’m curious to find out if there are any experience panda 3d developers out there? I’m currently working on a panda 3d framework for business purposes and need some support.

I need developer(s) who would help me to develop a framework for 3D animations based on company figures, probably based on simplified “scene language”. So you should be able and experienciend in developing frameworks more than “cool 3d multi-poligon graphics”, say I need more an software architect than a designer.

Panda3d is currently the target platform, but the code should abstract most of the generic stuff from the core engine - maybe we need also the option to use other 3d engines.

I’m situated in Western Germany - German would be plus, but it’s not a hard requirement. Documentation & source will be in English.

All other stuff (kind of payment, hours, working environment etc) would be discussed directly.

If anyone is interested please contact me via mail. I expect a CV with a list of projects (role, topic of the project, duration), some basic contact data and references/samples of work.

Andrew Smart