Panda3D at PyCon DE 2011 (Leipzig, Germany)

I plan to attend PyCon DE 2011 … And I thought why not submit a lecture once we are at it? I didn’t see anything game-related in their proposed lectures list :wink:
Problem is I submitted my proposal after the deadline, but maybe they’ll allow it anyway.

PyCon Germany website is here:

The conference takes place from 4th to 9th October 2011 in Leipzig, Germany. Yeah, the fee is heavy (if you ask me), but Leipzig is a great location (that’s where I live) so maybe we German/mid-European Panda3D users see us there?

Hello Bradamante!

Would be great if they accept your talk because I’ll also attend. I’m new to 3D animation and it would be nice to hear something about that :wink:

See you there!

This is waaay too expensive.

Yeah I know. Maybe we can still use the date for a mid-European Panda3D user meeting? I know a lot of people in the city, so places to sleep should not be the issue.

I’d love to, but it’s 460km and I currently don’t even have a car (student’s life…).

If there’s interest in a Panda3D meeting, I think we could combine this with a Blender meeting. This means more people, more potential Panda users, new connections to artists (Panda is very coder oriented as for a game engine), and best of all: Blender is at home in netherlands - you know, the country where people are always happy and where rdb lives :smiley:

Done: … it-Panda3D

Well I sure was excited so I forgot a lot of what I wanted to say. However, I hit the time limit on the mark, so that might have been for the better. They recorded the talk on video, don’t know how long until it’s being published. I bet I look and sound terrible - east german accent and all …

In conclusion … The crowd was bigger than I thought, expecting to talk to a niche of a niche. But the room was packed. So either people were waiting for the talk after mine and couldn’t schedule differently … or … Panda programmers are leading a secret double life as game developers :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile:
We can very well use such PR.
The bigger the community, the better for everybody of it.

It is pretty cool. Can’t wait to see the video! :slight_smile:


And now we got a video. They had problems with the microphone … sound gets better after about 7 minutes. Language is German throughout.

Just watched it. The sound quality aside a great video. You did a great job at advertising Panda :slight_smile: