Panda3D and Wayland


Considering to port my work on mobiles, my first target is my own Jolla phone (running Sailfish OS, based on the Mer distribution). I’m pretty sure Panda3D wouldn’t need any kind of porting on such an OS (nothing more than for any other Linux distribution), however Sailfish runs Wayland rather than X11.

Given that all the major Linux distributions are going to make the move to Wayland (or Mir), I’m wondering how Panda3D sees its future on the short and long term ?
I assume nothing will be done in a while, even more-so since Ubuntu’s going to go towards Mir while everyone else is probably going to enforce Wayland. And it’s unlikely Mir and Wayland will be API compatible, am I right ? X11 is still the best option for Panda3D right now, and it’ll stay that way for quite a while…

Still, it would be nice to know if someone is working on such a feature, and what are the thought of Panda’s developers on Wayland/Mir ?

well there is XWayland that should prolong life of x applications a bit more. my personal opinion is that mir is a joke. im skeptical of it and i think sooner or later ubuntu will move to wayland. they did decide to ditch upstart for systemd afterall. im no panda developer but if i had to guess in the future there will surely be some more build options letting one build for x or for wayland or for watever crap ubuntu makes if its still in use, but panda’s clock is in no way ticking because of XWayland. i suppose mir also must make some kind of compatibility layer for old x applications because stuff that is not backwards-compatible is hardly ever popular.

It probably won’t be all that difficult to add support when the time comes.