Panda3d and vector graphics

I was wondering if panda3d can display vector graphics. If not, is there a library (and/or program) that’ll help me do so?

Not sure what you mean by vector graphics. You can certainly draw lines.


drwr, I think omegalpha means SVG images. Would be indeed nice. Does Panda3D support it?

Yes, that’s excactly what I meant.

Ah. No, nothing built into Panda to support that. We just haven’t run into a need for it yet.

Since SVG is encoded in XML, you could probably write a Python program to decode the file and create the necessary Panda structures without too terribly much trouble.

You might also look for a third-party library that does this already. For instance, there is sauvage, which is written in Python; but that may be too much library since it appears to want to handle all of the OpenGL stuff too.