Panda3D and PyCharm set up

Hello everyone!

I am beginner in Panda3D and I want to build a game for a school project but in order to even get there I am not able to set up Panda3d with PyCharm and I am unable to expand the scripts folder to create a new env in PyCharm.

I have uploaded an image of my issue to this topic. Please let me know if I shouldn’t do that I will remove it.
Can someone please help me to resolve my issue?

Thank you very much in advance!

Stay Safe!

I believe PyCharm location for the virtual environment is the env folder created with venv, and when it asks for an interpreter you should point into the env_folder/bin/python.
On Linux the env folder has bin lib and include folders, and the python interpreter is in the bin folder. I don’t see a bin folder, so maybe you are on windows which uses Scripts instead?

Another option you can try is to let PyCharm create a “new environment”, and install panda3d in it.