Panda3D and DirectX

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1.Is Panda OpenGL or DirectX ?
2. Are there any license restrictions when using DirectX as oposed to OpenGL?
3. Can panda render games of say “The last of us’s” quality if so how hard is it to accomplish once the models have been created?
4. May someone please lead me to a tutorial for using panda with DirectX if one exits.

Thanks, Any Help and Solutions will be greately appreciated.

Panda3D can use both OpenGL and DirectX, but the support for dx is not as good as the one for ogl. Also Panda uses dx 9 or lower (unless something new is comming in the next version).

Can I ask what do you need directx for?

  1. As croxis said, both, but I recommend OpenGL, it’s supported better
  2. I don’t think so. Anybody correct me if I am wrong
  3. Yes it can, it only depends on you. Modern games depend hardly on shaders, which are usually User-Created, so it does not depend on the Engine but the Developers. It will be harder than using lets say Unreal Engine though, because you have to do a lot more stuff yourself (Its still fun!).
  4. See 1., I would recommend OpenGL. However, for you there is no difference in using Panda, you just configure panda which renderer to use. Panda handles all the DirectX / OpenGL calls for you.

Thanks everyone I really appreciate the help.

Unless I am mistaken, Windows preffers DirectX to OpenGL

You can use OpenGL aswell on Windows, and AFAIK it’s not slower, it might even be faster.

That’s what Valve’s tests showed, anyway: … on-windows

That said, I’m interested in seeing a Direct3D 10/11 implementation in Panda in the future. Direct3D has improved a lot in the past few years.