Panda3D and Compute Shaders


Is it possible to use “Compute Shaders” in Panda?
A compute shader is a shader that runs on the GPU without necessarily refering to geometry (i.e. It works on dynamic texture generation ).


As far as I know, it is perfectly possible to use OpenCL independently of Panda3D. Panda also supports libraries such as PhysX or Bullet that can take advantage of OpenCL to do computations on the graphics hardware.

Just for the record:

  • Our Bullet module uses only the “core” Bullet physics engine. Hardware acceleration is an add-on for the Bullet physics engine, and all add-ons have been excluded because of user requests.

  • Out PhysX 2.8 module can make use of the graphics card, but here the shaders are built-in within the PhysX engine. Users can not provide their own shaders/programs.

I just checked in compute shader support for OpenGL (GLSL only). Proof-of-concept test case is available here. Still very experimental and buggy.

EDIT: for anyone finding this thread via Google, information about using compute shaders in Panda3D is available here: