panda3d-2004-12-13B.exe installation problems under 98 SE

The panda3d-2004-12-13B.exe installer doesn’t appear to set up environment variables under Windows 98 SE for me. I installed it on my laptop and it set up the environment varaibles fine. I added the same environment variables to my 98 SE system and ended up with the following error when running pview:

Error! Cannot change back to /c/

The environment variables I set under Win 98 (which are what the installer added to my XP system) aer as follows:

set PANDA=C:\Panda3D
set PATH=%PATH%;%PANDA%\bin;%PANDA%\lib;%PANDA%\extlib;%PANDA%\extlib\HelixLib

Is there something I’m missing? Otherwise why is pview giving me that error?

Last post was me, anyhow…

When I run pview, not only does it give that error, but it also gives me a win32 error screen as well.

Try version 1.0.0 - it doesn’t use environment variables at all.

Note, 1.0.0 does contain a few minor known bugs. They all have easy workarounds. See the known bugs at the top of the download section.