Panda3d 1.8 Ubuntu 11.10

Where is the path variable(i think thats what its called XD) for panda3d in ubuntu 11.10? Its for eclipse(when it asks fior the interpreter. Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

When it’s asking for the interpreter it’s looking for where python is, not Panda. In Ubuntu 11.10, you should be able to just auto configure it, and it should find Python 2.7 (otherwise it’s in /usr/bin/python)

If you are referring to the Python path getting added for the panda libraries, it should be already added to the python path if you installed from the .deb file.

Are you getting an error when you try to run some panda code?

im using panda 1.8 so it should python3 not 2.7.2 right? and yes i cant run any panda code. Last time i installed panda 1.8 on ubuntu 11.04 i had to tell it where the path was(this is all in eclipse by the way, i can run packpanda and x2egg etc in the terminal just fine), and ive now forgotten XD thanks for the reply ^^ ALSO as i said i could run packpanda i CANNOT run pdeploy D: idk if its not included in the build of panda im using (1.8 from nov 5 for ubuntu 11.10 orneric)

Unless something has changed recently, Panda 1.8 is still on Python 2.7.

They recently made the change from 2.6 to 2.7, which was nice because it was right around the same time Ubuntu made the same move.

You should be fine just auto-configuring the interpreter in eclipse. Try it and let the forums know if you are actually seeing any errors.

Try running some of the sample programs.

You might need to install the Panda3D Runtime too, before you use pdeploy.

awesme ill give that a shot :smiley: thanks ^^

so after some more comprehensive trial and error they will now run but only a black screen. i got it running once and idk what i did differently lol. Any ideas? I get no errors