Panda3D 1.7 Game Developer's Cookbook - any opinions?

I saw this on Amazon the other day. Has anyone bought/read it? Any opinions?[/url]

Great book! Cover a lot of subjects little obscure in documentation and have more examples about key features. Shaders, ribbon nodes, networking, deploy a web application and a lot of others things. I recommend :smiley:

It’s basically a collection of explained snippets for common applications, like user input, rendering text to screen, post-processing, collision and physics and so on.

Does this book come with a cd or dvd full of working demos?

(Not that I’m interested in it; just wanted to know if the book backs itself up with actual programs)

Very good - I definitely recommend it. I don’t remember if it had a CD or if the examples were online. It covers a lot of topics that aren’t easy to master using just the manual and reference. The selection of material is smart and practical, and the code is kept short and clean enough that it doesn’t make your eyes glaze over.

Also is a nice entryway into things that even seasoned panda programmers are skittish of, like using C++.

Unfortunately, though, it is only geared towards Windows users. Linux or Mac OS X users won’t be able to follow most of the recipes in the book.

Is this book still relevant today?

Probably. Panda doesn’t change that much from version to version.