panda3d-1.5.3 wrong datatype?

When compilin panda3d 1.5.3 I get an error about losing precision on datatype conversion on the file panda/src/audiotraits/fmodAudioSound.cxx

the line in question is the following one:
result = _channel->setCallback(FMOD_CHANNEL_CALLBACKTYPE_END, sound_end_callback, (int)this);

I’ve looked at the cvs and it seems that replacing int with intptr_t solves it, my questing is, is safe to do it?

checked with gcc 4.3 and on x86_64

Yeah, it’s safe to replace ‘int’ with ‘intptr_t’. I already checked in a fix to that problem to CVS, so it should be fixed in 1.5.4.

In case you want a diff, grab it here (click on the ‘patch’ link).