Panda3d 1.10.13 installation failure on latest 21.1 LTS Linux Mint

I haven’t used Linux for almost a decade, so not sure if this info is enough:

Trying to install “panda3d1.10_1.10.13~kinetic_amd64.deb” , I get the error “Error: Dependency not satisfiable: libassimp5 (>= 5.2.4~ds0)” on Linux Mint 21.1 (64 bit) in the installer window, can’t proceed:

Screenshot from 2023-05-16 02-28-49

Linux Mint 21 is based on Ubuntu 22.04, you are trying to install the deb for Ubuntu 22.10. Install the “jammy” deb file instead.

I’m sorry, thanks for explaining.
Now it wants to remove some codecs. I’m concerned some video players and editors may stop working properly if I do this:

You can also decide to install Panda3D using pip instead, with pip install panda3d, in which case it won’t conflict with anything else on your system because pip installs are self-contained.

I’ll try that. But since this is an official download from the website, we should check if it’s harmful or not. I’m not sure why P3D would need to remove these stock Mint codecs to work, seems like an issue in the installer generator.

Panda3D depends on libavcodec, whereas mint-meta-codecs (not an Ubuntu package) depends on libavcodec-extra. It seems the two versions of the package are mutually exclusive.

We could change our package creation logic to depend on either libavcodec-extra or libavcodec, so that it doesn’t care which one is installed. I don’t know whether Panda will still work with libavcodec-extra, though. Someone would have to test it (probably by manually installing the dependencies and force-installing the package using a command-line tool that ignores dependencies).

Please file an issue on our issue tracker so that it doesn’t get forgotten.

This seems to be an equivalent issue encountered by a different project.

It seems to be a problem in the GUI package installation tool that is shipped with Linux Mint.

I managed to install Panda3d on latest LTS Mint via PIP, seems to work fine.

Regarding the libavcodec issue with latest installer,
I’m not really a Linux guy. Common sense tells me in 2023 it’s not really a problem to include few more megabytes in the installer and let it choose whether to use the library locally only for panda or to skip it if the system already has it.
We could try to contact Mint developers regarding this, but it doesn’t seem like they have taken the issue seriously for the last 3 years.
Or, I can first try to check if Panda3D can work with “libavcodec-extra” instead. Would Panda need to be recompiled for this, or something changed in the PRC file?

No, you really just need to try force-installing the package (there are ways to install packages while ignoring the dependencies, look in the dpkg man page), and installing the dependencies manually except with libavcodec-extra instead of libavcodec.