Panda to android resources

after searching in the forum, the most detailed thread I found is
Besides this, is there any recent guides about compiling for android? Any other resources?
thank you

There are instructions for how to build Panda3D on Android in the in the source code repository:

thanks rdb, I’ll give it a try.

I have downloaded termux and termuxAPI. Can I use it directly from my pc?
It is very annoying to type code using the mobile.

You could use something like SSH to open a shell from your desktop. You could also use adb or USB connection in mass storage device mode to get files across.

It is also possible to use the Android SDK on desktop to cross-compile code, but this approach hasn’t been tested in a while. It is more work because you have to cross-compile all the thirdparty packages as well.

ok, noted.
I am doing some testes now. I am running into a noob error. I have my copied to my mobile, and gave termux access to my sdcard. When I run this:
python makepanda/ --everything --target android-21 --installer
xdg-open panda3d.apk
the error is no module named “direct”, so obviously if my environment is not set properly it can’t find the “direct” folder. Sooo…what is the workflow exactly? I am sure it is explained somewhere but I am having trouble finding it. Should I set my android environment to point to my pc folder?

Sorry, I missed your message. If you open the apk file with a zip file program (like 7-Zip) can you see a direct folder inside the lib/python3.7 folder?

hey rdb, no worries.
Unfortunately I kept trying and ended giving up, so I uninstalled it and when back to unreal engine4.
I think I will wait until panda3d to android is more developed because what I tried and the guides I checked didn’t work for me. Maybe it is just me, but with unreal I was able to compile and play a demo in my android instantly.
I will definitely keep an eye on panda3d and give it a try again in the future.

Sure, that makes sense. Panda’s mobile support isn’t very mature yet; we hope to make the process a lot easier in the future.

If you like open-source engines, it might also be worth checking out Godot, which also has more mature mobile support than Panda.

Good luck with your game!