panda-shooter game with multiplayer (server/client)[WIP]


I started a new game, it is a shooter game. You can play it through the internet or on a localserver.

The network part bases on the “Multiplayer - with chat” - topic

There are still some problems.

  1. On Windows the paths do not work, for loading a new gun-config file. It is just a txt file with some data in it. Windows can’t find it with relative paths so, if someone wants to play it on windows he needs to set them to absolute paths before.

  2. The Server uses 100% of my CPU and I don’t know why. I could need some help with that.

  3. The models are not completed, espacially the arms of your player

This is the link to my game

I’d like to hear some comments and suggestions :slight_smile:


the server cpu issue can be solved by loading the prc parameter.

loadPrcFileData("", "client-sleep 0.001")

EDIT: the game seems to refuse input at some point. by pressing T or trying to pick up a weapon. it would be nice to have some summary on how to correctly start the game (including local/remote) server , how to interact with objects such as weapons.
turning off the audio output on the server would be nice too, on linux machines the server locks the audio hardware and the client cant play any audio anymore.

those things aside. it looks quite nice. collision and movement and stuff.
be sure to keep working on it and make it a nice little game.

hmm, now I see the audio problem
I’ve tried this:


for i in base.sfxManagerList:

But the server still locks the audio.



audio-library-name null

in your Config.prc file for the server.


Thank you very much :slight_smile: That works :smiley:

Hi again,

The game is getting more complex.

  1. Now you have a gun interaction. You can pick up weapons, but they are not removed when picked up (WIP).

  2. I’m currently creating the first realy playable/usable level ( with blender )
    This level shall be more detailed and have a nice gameplay, but more details meens more CPU usage. There is a problem, with my PC I still have 62 FPS but my brother for example has just 25 FPS. Is there a way to reduce the CPU usage without loosing the levels complexity?

  3. First sounds are added (shootsound, … )

Still there is no gun reload animation + sound + shootdelay (WIP).

Click here to dounload the new release


My first guess is to optimize collision detection. Because rendering uses (at least should) GPU not cpu.

Collisions are certainly the culprit more often than not, but really the problem could be anything. It’s usually a bad idea to start optimizing without knowing where your bottlenecks really are, because it does you no good to fix the wrong problem.

Panda has a suite of tools to help you diagnose the problem. Check out PStats in the manual.


Ok, the games development progress is getting further.

Now the basics and some extras are working.

But I am getting big problems with my performance.

  1. The Particle effects are slowing the game down

  2. The server/client ping is high 100-200 and the movement of other players doesn’t look smooth.

  3. I still have got a problem with simplifying textures which are far away. Maybe because my original map-model is very small and scaled by a factor of 200 in the game or because I dont use the base camera, but a newly created one.

  4. I have got a lowpoly and a highpoly object of the map. The highlevel one is visible and the lowpoly one is used for collisiondetecion of the player. The highpoly one is used for collisiondetection of the gun ( dust when hitting the ground )

  5. I will upload the game in the near future because I just can’t find the major problem with the performance, maybe it slows down because every particleeffect ( dust, explosions ) got a Task which is removed ( I hope I did it right/completly ) after the effect ends.


here are some pictures:

(I still need to model a character figure)


looks very nice already!

I just want to report some news.

The server now has a map rotation and stats. When one level ends, the next one is started. But there is still just one gamemode available.

The client has now a faster, but still too slow communication with the server.

The player can now use all guns, granades and rocketlaunchers.
Kills and deaths are counted on the server.

—Models and levels—
There is ( I think ) no finished model yet :S
Many animations are not done and no level is finished.

Now there is some kind of gui with a Startmenu and Ingamemenu.

Images of the ( not finished ) game: here ->

Now I have the gun and arms as 3 separate models, should I have the gun and arms as one model to have a better animation ( reload ) ?


well the guns should be separated models for sure but about the arms I don’t see a reason to not have’m in one piece - also, if you’ll make a whole animated character (arms, body, all the pieces it need), then you may provide an easy way for view change in 3rd person (i.e. a-la Gears of War) for those who prefer that kind of shooters.

I just want to add some more screenshots :slight_smile: