Panda runtime 1.0.3 [solved]


I cannot resist to my curiosity and try to play Pirates On-Line. For my surprise i have to download panda runtime plugin 1.0.3 (4 windows). All right i downloaded it … play some time … etc, etc
But here in community we´ve got to download panda runtime plugin 1.0.0. I need to reinstall it ´cos panda runtime 1.0.3 made my packp3d useless.
What´s going on here? We´ve got 2 plugins?

The runtime version you have installed should have nothing to do with the version of packp3d. Either runtime can run any version of packp3d.

Disney has been keeping more up-to-date with the releases than the ETC, which is why the Disney runtime is somewhat newer. But again, the two are supposed to be completely compatible.

I don’t know why you had troubles running packp3d after installing the Disney runtime.


Maybe can be another problem … and not the disney´s runtime plugin. I´ll see this later.