panda run files that active the python scripts

:unamused: how are these files made?
I’m brand new using panda.


Python scripts are just plain-text files that contain valid Python language statements. You can create one in any text editor such as Notepad, Wordpad etc…

Just make sure to save them as a plain text file.


What I meant was how do you make the windows RUN file that
activates the python file?
Such as in the Folder Samples
which runs the python file

Well, the Python scripts (tutorials) that came with Panda3d should already be associated with the ppython.exe program. They should all have a Panda icon if I’m not mistaken. Just double click on the icons and it should start Panda3d.

You can also locate the ppython application and click on that to start up Python and Panda3d in interactive mode so you can then enter lines from the tutorials on this website.

Does that make sense? Any *.py file that doesn’t have a Panda icon you’ll have to associate with ppython by right-clicking and selecting “open with” and then locate the ppython application and select to open with it. This should associate your *.py files that you create for Panda to the ppython.exe application.


I guess what I really want is to do what was done to
get a windows shortcut run file with a panda for any panda
program I make with python. This avoids long path names in DOS
when you want to execute your program.

Well, once you associate *.py files with ppython and choose the option that says something like “always open these files with this program” then it should associate and *.py file you make with the ppython (Panda3d) application. Then you’ll be able to just double-click the Panda icon on your new Python script to have it run by the Ppython (Panda) binary.


Hi Steve, thanks for staying with me on this!
I think I have it now. I just created a shortcut to a panda python
program and changed the name and icon. It works. The way I have
it, I can still open python progams with Idle and afterward make
a shortcut that uses only ppython.
Thanks a bunch!

Hey, your welcome!

I’m glad you were able to figure it out.