Panda Porting

Any chance we’ll port Panda3D to GameCube or Playstation II? I’ve been giving it some thought and I think it’s possible. People have ported OpenGL to GC and PS2. The only thing really needed would be some OS libraries.

It’s possible, but if it happens it probably won’t be soon, unless the work is done by someone else.

Actually, the Xbox would probably be the best choice as it has its own hard drive. I’ve also seen a version of Linux designed to run on Xbox. Try Googling “Xbox Linux.”

Well, yeah, but not everybody uses XBox… I don’t have one but the idea of Linux on an XBox is pretty smart; would there be some kind of Linux for GameCube?

You’d somehow have to get the GameCube to recognize whatever OS you have on the disk. I’m not sure how the guys who created Xbox Linux did it, but it probably be close to the same.

if anyone has success in porting a panda game to xbox , please reply.

I would like to be able to port these games to playstation or xbox etc

Yeah this would be great if someone else would be able to play our games on XBox,GameCube or Playstation.
But I think the only way to do this in not to long time is to build an “executable” for this plattform.


any ideas on how to create such an executable?

Ah no sorry. Maybe google knows something about porting a Linux or Windows program or script to XBox, GameCube, GameBoy.

LOL, doesn’t Google know just about everything? :wink:

I think you need an Xbox, GC, PS-whatever devkit to make games and applicaions for it. But I don’t think they’re the cheapest things in the world.