Panda on USB drive

Has anybody experimented with installing Panda to a USB stick and it working successfully??

The currently-released binaries require certain environment variables (hardwired paths) to be set. That’s not real compatible with installing panda on a CD or USB drive.

However, the up-and-coming version eliminates the environment variable requirement.

Interesting. Thank you.

Up-and-coming being Panda 1.0.0 or Panda 1.0.1 or something newer?

Yeah, I checked out the Panda3D-1.0.0 release notes and it said that Panda no longer needed the environment variables as it did in previous releases.

You can now run Panda3D from a USB drive, or even a CD.

I’ve tried with 1.01 version of Panda to run from my usb 1.1 drive.

This is not working . I have no error message but the screen stays on the panda message Starting the game " for ages (25 min) without doing anything.

Copying the content of USB drive on a laptop with no previous python nor panda install, everything works fine.

Maybe it’s due to USB.1.1 so i will try tonight with my USB2 key , i’ll keep you informed