Panda, NSIS and Unicode

I’m trying to add a script for a Japanese installer. From what I gather, I’ll need an nlf file (I have one encoded in SHIFT_JIS) for standard strings, and an nsh file that follows the format of English.nsh/Panda3DEnglish.nsh for the custom strings. The nlf file seems to be alright, but I always hit an error when packpanda tries to read my nsh script… Character encoding problem, I think.

I tried downloading this Unicode support plug-in from the NSIS page: ( and extracted it into Panda’s NSIS plugin folder, but nothing seems to have changed. Does anyone have any experience in writing localized unicode installers for packpanda?

Also, what version of NSIS is currently being used by Panda?

I don’t know what version is currently in use.
If you manage to upgrade Panda’s version of nsis, and send me a zipfile, I’d be happy to replace the current with it.
You can also try to use the unicode build of NSIS from