Panda - like space engine???

Hello, I am new here, but after a panda watch a long ago, I had one question here, because I want a hike to create space MMOG and at first thought to create the engine by myself, but then saw a panda and fallen in love in it=)) And here suddenly on one forum did I see video of this engine which creates one man, and because I do not want to abandon a panda say please, is it possible on a panda to create the same ??? Something on similarity of ancient game of Elita where are the direct landings possible were on planets without a load, and the real galaxy with the millions of planets???

hi, and welcome to panda3d.

the video you linked looks quite simmilar to celestia.
several people on the forum made space games or are in process of creating them. i think one has the same idea for directly-landable planets.
to answer your question about what panda can do and what it cant do.
it can do whatever you teach panda to do, and what your hardware is capable of. there are no limits other than the hardware and your ability to code.
but be warned an MMO is not something you should start with, and simulating an whole solar system is a bit tricky too. so you’d be wise to start with something smaller.

About complications of creation of MMO I understand perfectly, it while so idea, but here I simply want determined to begin little by little to write me the engine or Panda will be able to produce everything what I will want to make in the game.