Panda launcher

Hi, Is it possible to make a launcher exe in c++ for a game written in python? I’d like to embed my panda game in a c++ program. I don’t wanna use any py2exe like stuff.

You can pack your game into an optimised p3d file, and then use pdeploy to convert that to an integrated launcher .exe file. You can even have pdeploy generate an installation wizard for you that automatically installs the launcher .exe and an optimised version of the Panda libraries. … _installer

so, if I wanted to implement a licensing system for the game will it be possible :question:

I’m not sure what you mean by a licensing system. Can you elaborate?

I mean something like a little program that asks for a cd key to activate or checks if the game disk is in the drive.

Um, sure, I have no idea why you’d want to do with such an ineffective system, but you could incorporate that in your game’s startup code if you want.