panda installer for windows is broke here..


I am trying with no luck to extract the panda installer on my new AMD system…is it possible NSIS installer doesn’t work well with AMD systems ?

zip files extract just fine as do other installers…

thanks anyone

It’s not the Athlon, I have several computers with Athlons, and they support panda.

Could you tell me what happens when you try to install?

yes, I just keep getting NSIS error: corrupt file, virus or bad download wanring message…

if I use the /NCRC switch it does start installer , but it does quit due to corrupt package eventually…i’ve tried downloading like 3 times and its just not working…im at a loss to explain this as this is first time i’ve seen this kind of issue.


Is it possible that it’s right about the virus?

The windows installer, panda3d-1.2.2.exe, should be 53,967,687 bytes.

I can’t imagine so as I used avast and it found nothing …anyway I just reinstalled windows using a fresh new partition, and the issue has completely gone away…GO FIG :wink:

I only installed the gpu driver and onboard NIC, and now onto audio…if I get anymore issues Ill be able to narrow it down , but at this juncture ( I have a nvidia nforce chipset and asus a8n-e mobo ) im betting on the new install being key.

oh btw, cute greeting card. :wink:


Completely OT, but

  • A new one or the one from 1.0.5 still? :slight_smile:

Anyhow, this thread can be closed cuz problem is fixed?

Regards, Bigfoot29