Panda Bullet Collision Detection with Forces and Torques


I am trying to get the forces and torques that result from a collision between two bodies in panda3d bullet. I have found a reference to it in this forum post where it states that the API did not support that because panda3d used bullet 2.80 and that feature was not added to bullet until version 2.81.

Panda now uses Bullet 2.84 but I have still not been able to find a way to get this information with the current API.

Does anyone know how I can get the forces and torques on the bodies that resulted from the collision through the API?


I’m no expert on Bullet, but would getAppliedImpulse() be anything like what you’re looking for?

The BulletManifoldPoint object is exposed through BulletContact.getManifoldPoint().

If you are looking for specific properties that the Bullet API exposes that Panda lacks, please feel free to point them out, we would be happy to wrap those in the Panda API.