panda 'baking'

does panda have what we call in 3d world ‘baking’ baking is pre-rendering or pre-calculating set effects such as cloth collisions and such. can you baking in panda

i’d say. no.
panda is responsible for drawing stuff. stuff which already is baked.
tools like max,maya or blender are able to bake animations and textures.
to a very limited extend panda can be used to do bakeing too. but it’s nothing you would want to use every day.
so you best check if your modelling application supports bakeing and if its get exported correctly so you can use it with panda

not exactly what I meant what I meat was a cached pre calculation of say a complex cloth collision outside of a 3D modeling Program

“chached outside of a modelling app” that makes pretty much no sense since thats what modelling applications are for :slight_smile:
as long as you can stuff your result (however you might get this result) into an egg file or anything else panda can read. then you can use it.