Panda and JYTHON?

Hello Dear All,

I’m never used JYTHON .
I’m a JAVA & CPYTHON programmer however.
I’m a PANDA Enthousiast also.

I was wondering if extensions written for CPYTHON (like PANDA3D ) are available to JYTHON?

I know nothing about Jython. The Panda3D Python interface is a standard C layer to generate Python objects; perhaps someone over at the Jython community can answer the question as to whether this is sufficient to interface with Jython.


I doubt it.

Jython is simply an implementation of Python in Java instead of C. To use something programmed in C (like Panda3D) on a Java platform, you would probably have to port it to Java.

Manually porting Panda3D to another language is theoretically possible because the source code is open.

There may be another options, but I can’t be sure they will work: * Jazillian (attempts to automatically port from C to Java)

  • C2J (same idea)
  • Axiomatic Multi-Platform C (can compile C directly to Java bytecodes. These can run on the JVM, but are still originally written in C, not Java.)