panda 3d python or c++


Is it possible to do anything you can do with c++ in panda with python?
Is there a way to compile python script to hide source code?
Anybody tried to use project darkstar on server side with panda?



I’d say, yes. But, if you are a beginner to Panda3D, I suggest starting with python, because there is a small lack of documentation about C++ in Panda3D.

You could compile your .py file into a .pyc or .pyo, but the problem with those is that they are easily decompiled. You can try py2exe to have an exe created from your python file. The disadvantage with it is that it’s only available on Windows, not on Linux or MacOSX or so. There was a thread about py2exe with panda on the forums lately…

I have no idea what darkstar is.

No worries.

1, yes, in fact you can do more with python then C++, only writing extra features to panda3d like pro-rsoft’s terrain pgmm you would need C++.

2, yes but requires a little knowledge. First compile /py to .pyo files but pyo files still can be decompiled … then you can zip/encrypt the entire .pyo files directory and finally you can stick it into the exe or dll.