Panda 3d, is it only downloadable?

I’ve seen panda 3d and i loved it a lot but only the problem is that the download is too much for a 56k to download. it’ll take me forever to do it. i was wondering if there is any possible way to get it like order it on a cd or at least something because i really like this software and don’t want to be outcast only because i have only a 56k modom. I would appreciate it if anyone can help me out on this and i’ve already tried emailing them about this question and so far no answer at all through email.

hello, if you want i can burn you Panda3D-1.1.0 on cd and send via post to you. If you are very very very interested in programming with panda.
or look at the memberlist if some is living near from you.

please send me your address.( i’m from germany).


Or you could download it at the nearest internet cafe…

yeah i forgot they should provide with cd burners and cds right? they only have a few in town and i one of them says they do that .

Don’t worry i’ve already got it to download by using DAP software and got all i need. All i need left is the Airblade demo and the source code on the downloads.